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The Most Popular Articles of 2008

Monday, 05 January 2009

Five days into 2009, here's a list of the 10 most popular articles on the Just Software Solutions website for 2008. There's a few entries still there from last year (in particular, last year's most top entry on CSS menus is now number 2), but mostly it's new content. In 2008 I focused much more on C++0x and concurrency, and the list of popular articles reflects that.

  1. Implementing a Thread-Safe Queue using Condition Variables
    A description of the issues around writing a thread-safe queue, with code.
  2. Implementing drop-down menus in pure CSS (no JavaScript)
    How to implement drop-down menus in CSS in a cross-browser fashion (with a teensy bit of JavaScript for IE).
  3. 10 Years of Programming with POSIX Threads
    A review of "Programming with POSIX Threads" by David Butenhof, 10 years after publication.
  4. Thread Interruption in the Boost Thread Library
    A description of the thread interruption feature of the Boost Thread library.
  5. Introduction to C++ Templates (PDF)
    How to use and write C++ templates.
  6. Memory Models and Synchronization
    A brief description of the relaxed memory orderings of the C++0x memory model
  7. Deadlock Detection with just::thread
    How to use the just::thread C++0x thread library to detect the origin of deadlocks in your code.
  8. Rvalue References and Perfect Forwarding in C++0x
    An introduction to the new rvalue reference feature of C++0x.
  9. October 2008 C++ Standards Committee Mailing - New C++0x Working Paper, More Concurrency Papers Approved
    My summary of the October 2008 C++ committee mailing featuring the first feature-complete draft of the C++0x standard.
  10. Condition Variable Spurious Wakes
    An introduction to the consequences of the so-called "spurious wakes" that you can get with condition variables, and how to handle them.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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