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Buy our Concurrency Library

just::thread Pro provides extensions to the C++ Standard Library to make it easier to write error-free multithreaded code.

It is available to purchase for Microsoft Windows and Linux.


Anthony Williams has been speaking regularly at conferences for over 10 years. A full list of his conference presentations is available here, along with slides and some videos.

Anthony also regularly delivers the Concurrent Thinking in C++ and More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics workshops at conferences. Contact us to find out when the next workshop is scheduled.

Free Resources for Developers

Our Technical Director, Anthony Williams, maintains a blog, where he writes about C++, multithreading and software development in general. This includes his popular series on Multithreading in C++0x.

Anthony has also written some free C++ libraries available from his github page.


Links to Anthony's other publications, such as his numerous magazine articles, presentations and C++ Standards committee papers, as well as his book, are available from our publications page.

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