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Monday, 24 September 2007

I thought I'd share some of the free online tools that I use for assisting with Search Engine Optimization.

The people behind the iWebTool Directory provide a set of free webmaster tools, including a Broken Link Checker, a Backlink Checker and their Rank Checker. For most tools, just enter your domain or URL in the box, click "Check!" and wait for the results.

Whereas the iWebTool tools each perform one small task, Website Grader is an all-in-one tool for grading your website. Put in your URL, the keywords you wish to rank well for, and the websites of your competitors (if you wish for a comparison). When you submit your site, the tool then displays its progress at the bottom of the page, and after a few moments will give a report on your website, including your PageRank, Alexa rank, inbound links and Google rankings for you and your competitors for the search terms you provided, as well as a quick analysis of the content of your page.

We Build Pages offers a suite of SEO tools, much like the ones from iWebTool. I find the Top Ten Analysis SEO Tool really useful, as it compares your site against the top ten ranking sites for the search term you specify. The Backlink and Anchor Text Tool is also pretty good — it takes a while, but eventually tells you which pages link to your site, and what anchor text they use for the link.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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