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Bug Found in Boost.Thread (with Fix): Flaw in Condition Variable on Windows

Monday, 28 April 2008

There's a bug....

First the bad news: shortly after Boost 1.35.0 was released, a couple of users reported experiencing problems using boost::condition_variable on Windows: when they used notify_one()<\code>, sometimes their notifies disappeared, even when they knew there was a waiting thread.

... and now it's fixed

Next, the good news: I've found and fixed the bug, and committed the fix to the boost Subversion repository. If you can't update your boost implementation to trunk, you can download the new code and replace boost/thread/win32/condition_variable.hpp from the boost 1.35.0 distribution with the new version.

What was it?

For those of you interested in the details, this bug was in code related to detecting (and preventing) spurious wakes. When a condition variable was notified with notify_one(), the implementation was choosing one or more threads to compete for the notify. One of these would get the notification and return from wait(). Those that didn't get the notify were supposed to resume waiting without returning from wait(). Unfortunately, this left a potential gap where those threads weren't waiting, so would miss any calls to notify_one() that occurred before those threads resumed waiting.

The fix was to rewrite the wait/notify mechanism so this gap no longer exists, by changing the way that waiting threads are counted.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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