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Detect Deadlocks with just::thread C++0x Thread Library Beta V0.2

Saturday, 01 November 2008

I am pleased to announce that the second beta of just::thread, our C++0x Thread Library is available, which now features deadlock detection for uses of std::mutex. You can sign up at the just::thread Support forum to download the beta or send an email to beta@stdthread.co.uk.

The just::thread library is a complete implementation of the new C++0x thread library as per the current C++0x working paper. Features include:

  • std::thread for launching threads.
  • Mutexes and condition variables.
  • std::promise, std::packaged_task, std::unique_future and std::shared_future for transferring data between threads.
  • Support for the new std::chrono time interface for sleeping and timeouts on locks and waits.
  • Atomic operations with std::atomic.
  • Support for std::exception_ptr for transferring exceptions between threads.
  • New in beta 0.2: support for detecting deadlocks with std::mutex

The library works with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express for 32-bit Windows. Don't wait for a full C++0x compiler: start using the C++0x thread library today.

Sign up at the just::thread Support forum to download the beta.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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