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just::thread C++11 and C++14 Thread Library V2.0 released

Monday, 19 May 2014

I am pleased to announce that version 2.0 of just::thread, our C++11 and C++14 Thread Library has just been released with new features and support for new compilers.

This release includes the new std::shared_timed_mutex and std::shared_lock from C++14, which allow for multiple readers to hold a shared lock on a mutex or one writer to hold an exclusive lock.

Also included are extensions to the futures from the upcoming C++ Concurrency Technical Specification in the form of continuations. std::future<> and std::shared_future<> now have an additional member function "then()" which allows a further task to be scheduled when the future becomes "ready". This allows for improved support for asynchronous tasks.

There are also new functions: jss::when_any and jss::when_all which encapsulate a set of futures into a single future which becomes ready when either one or all of the provided futures becomes ready. This can be used with continuations to schedule asynchronous tasks to run when the prerequisites are ready.

Finally, a new lock wrapper jss::generic_lock_guard is provided. This is a concrete type rather than a template, and will lock any type of mutex which provides lock and unlock member functions.

This release also includes support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and gcc 4.8.

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Posted by Anthony Williams
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