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just::thread C++0x Thread Library V1.7.0 Released

Wednesday, 05 October 2011

I am pleased to announce that version 1.7.0 of just::thread, our C++0x Thread Library has just been released.

This release adds official support for gcc v4.4 on Centos 6, so Just::Thread is now supported on Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian Linux distributions, as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOSX.

The main change with this release is an enhancement to the std::async implementation. With this enhanced scheduler, the default launch policy (std::launch::async | std::launch::deferred) will defer forcing a decision until either enough resources become available to schedule the task as std::launch::async, or the task is forced to be scheduled as std::launch:deferred by a call to a waiting function (get(), wait(), wait_for() or wait_until()). This will allow more tasks to be scheduled as std::launch::async overall, and allow your application to make better use of the available hardware concurrency.

The implementation of recursive mutexes has been overhauled, leading to much faster lock and unlock times than in previous releases.

This release also provides debugger visualizers for Microsoft Visual Studio, to better show the state of Just::Thread objects such as futures. This will provide greater insight into the state of your program, and allow easier debugging.

Purchase your copy and get started with the C++0x thread library now.

As usual, existing customers are entitled to a free upgrade to V1.7.0 from all earlier versions.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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