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just::thread C++0x Thread Library V1.5.0 Released

Friday, 04 February 2011

I am pleased to announce that version 1.5.0 of just::thread, our C++0x Thread Library has just been released.

This release heralds official support for Debian Lenny and Squeeze, and Fedora 13 and 14; no longer are Linux developers restricted to Ubuntu.

This version has also been updated to match the latest C++ working draft. The resultant changes are:

  • There is a new launch policy for std::async: std::launch::deferred. This replaces std::launch::sync, and indicates that the supplied function should be run in the thread that calls get() or wait() on the resultant future rather than asynchronously on its own thread. std::launch::sync is still supported for backwards compatibility.
  • There is a new clock type: std::chrono::steady_clock. This replaces std::chrono::monotonic_clock, and is guaranteed to be continuously increasing at a steady rate. This is the clock used for duration-based timeouts. std::chrono::monotonic_clock is till supported for backwards compatibility.
  • std::atomic_future has been removed from the standard draft. It is therefore deprecated in just::thread, though still supported for backwards compatibility.
  • std::future has a new member function share() for easy conversion to std::shared_future. This works well with the new C++0x use of auto, when you know you want to get a std::shared_future from a std::promise, std::packaged_task or std::async call:
    int some_function();
    std::shared_future<int> f(std::async(some_function)); // old syntax
    auto f2=std::async(some_function).share(); // new syntax

This release also provides support for std::atomic<char16_t> and std::atomic<char32_t>, where char16_t and char32_t are provided by the underlying platform.

Purchase your copy and get started with the C++0x thread library now.

As usual, existing customers are entitled to a free upgrade to V1.5.0 from all earlier versions.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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