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CppCon 2017 class and presentation on concurrency

Tuesday, 08 August 2017

I am pleased to announce that I will be running my "Concurrent Thinking in C++" class at CppCon again this year. Here is the course description:

One of the most difficult issues around designing software with multiple threads of execution is synchronizing data.

Whether you use actors, active objects, futures and continuations or mutable shared state, every non-trivial system with multiple threads needs to transfer data between them. This means thinking about which data needs to be processed by which thread, and ensuring that the right data gets to the right threads in the right order. It also means thinking about API design to avoid race conditions.

In this workshop you will encounter a series of scenarios involving multithreaded code, and be guided through identifying the problem areas and the ways of handling them.

You will learn techniques for thinking about the scenarios to ease the analysis, as well as details of the tools we have available in C++ to mitigate the problems. You will also learn how to use the C++ standard library to help enforce the requirements of each scenario in code.

I will also be presenting on "Concurrency, Parallelism and Coroutines":

C++17 is adding parallel overloads of most of the Standard Library algorithms. There is a TS for Concurrency in C++ already published, and a TS for Coroutines in C++ and a second TS for Concurrency in C++ in the works.

What does all this mean for programmers? How are they all related? How do coroutines help with parallelism?

This session will attempt to answer these questions and more. We will look at the implementation of parallel algorithms, and how continuations, coroutines and work-stealing fit together. We will also look at how this meshes with the Grand Unified Executors Proposal, and how you will be able to take advantage of all this as an application developer.

My class is on 17th-18th September, and the main conference is running 19th-23rd, with my presentation on 20th September. If you haven't got your ticket already, head on over to CppCon Registration to get yours now.

Hope to see you there!

Posted by Anthony Williams
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