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"Concurrency in the Real World" slides now available

Monday, 19 April 2010

The slides for my presentation on "Concurrency in the Real World" at the ACCU 2010 conference last week are now available.

The room was full, and quite warm due to the air conditioning having been turned off, but everything went to plan, and there were some insightful questions from the audience. I've thoroughly enjoyed presenting at ACCU in previous years, and this was no exception.

I covered the main pitfalls people encounter when writing multithreaded code, along with some techniques that I've found help deal with those problems, including some example code from projects I've worked on. As you might expect, all my examples were in C++, though the basic ideas are cross-language. I finished up by talking about what we might hope to get out of multithreaded code, such as performance, additional features and responsiveness.

There's a discount on my just::thread library until Friday 23rd April 2010, so if you're doing concurrency in C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio on Windows or g++ on linux get yourself a copy whilst it's on offer and start taking advantage of the new C++0x thread library.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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