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Concept Checking Without C++0x Concepts

Wednesday, 06 October 2010

My latest article, Concept Checking Without Concepts in C++ was published on the Dr Dobb's website a couple of weeks ago.

One of the important features of the now-defunct C++0x Concepts proposal was the ability to overload functions based on whether or not their arguments met certain concepts. This article describes a way to allow that for concepts based on the presence of particular member functions.

The basic idea is that you can write traits classes that detect particular sets of member functions. Function overloads that require these concepts can then be enabled or disabled by using std::enable_if with these traits.

The example I use is checking for a Lockable type which has lock(), unlock() and try_lock() member functions, but the same technique could easily be used for other concepts that required other member functions.

Read the article for the full details.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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