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Slides for my ACCU 2016 presentation

Friday, 29 April 2016

Now that the ACCU 2016 conference is over, and we've all had a chance to recover, I figured it was time to post the slides from my presentation.

My session was titled "Concurrent Thinking". It was well-attended, with people standing round the edges due to the lack of seats, and I had people say afterwards that they liked it, which is always nice. I hope everyone learned something useful. Here's the abstract:

One of the most difficult issues around designing software with multiple threads of execution is synchronizing data.

Whether you use actors, active objects, futures and continuations or mutable shared state, every non-trivial system with multiple threads needs to transfer data between them. This means thinking about which data needs to be processed by which thread, and ensuring that the right data gets to the right threads in the right order. It also means thinking about API design to avoid race conditions.

In this presentation I’ll describe techniques we can use when doing this "thinking", as well as the tools we have available to help us describe our requirements and enforce them in code.

All examples will use C++, but the thought processes are widely applicable.

The slides are available here.

Posted by Anthony Williams
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Really like this presentation, any chance of accessing a video recording of the talk? I couldn't find it on the ACCU YT channel..

by Andrea at 15:00:33 on Monday, 21 January 2019

Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch a recording of the talk.

by Anthony Williams at 15:00:33 on Monday, 21 January 2019
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by Techsmith Camtasia coupon at 15:00:33 on Monday, 21 January 2019

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