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Improve your developers' skill set and help them write better code, faster, with a training course or workshop delivered at your offices by our technical director Anthony Williams.

We can deliver our off-the-shelf multithreading workshop on Concurrent Thinking in C++, described below, customize it to your needs, or design custom workshops to cover your specific requirements.

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Concurrent Thinking in C++

Our two-day Concurrent Thinking in C++ workshop helps your developers get up to speed on the multithreading and concurrency support in the C++ Standard Library, as well as providing guidance on how to use it correctly, and how to design multithreaded applications.

Using multiple thread in your application is a powerful technique for improving performance and separating concerns. However, it is fraught with danger: it is easy to make a mistake in multithreaded code that doesn't manifest as a problem in testing.

This workshop will help you spot potential problems, fix them, and learn ways to make them less common in your code.

This workshop will cover:

  • The C++ memory model and happens-before
  • Race conditions and data races
  • Mutexes and condition variables
  • Futures and promises
  • Atomic operations and lock-free code
  • Designing APIs for concurrent usage

See the full workshop details for more information.

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