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Improve your developers' skill set and help them write better code, faster, with a training course or workshop delivered by our technical director Anthony Williams. These are regularly run at conferences such as CppCon.

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Concurrent Thinking in C++

Our two-day Concurrent Thinking in C++ workshop helps your developers get up to speed on the multithreading and concurrency support in the C++ Standard Library, as well as providing guidance on how to use it correctly, and how to design multithreaded applications.

Using multiple thread in your application is a powerful technique for improving performance and separating concerns. However, it is fraught with danger: it is easy to make a mistake in multithreaded code that doesn't manifest as a problem in testing.

This workshop will help you spot potential problems, fix them, and learn ways to make them less common in your code.

This workshop will cover:

  • The C++ memory model and happens-before
  • Race conditions and data races
  • Mutexes and condition variables
  • Futures and promises
  • Atomic operations and lock-free code
  • Designing APIs for concurrent usage

See the full workshop details for more information.

More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics

Our two-day More Concurrent Thinking in C++: Beyond the Basics workshop helps your developers learn how to build better reusable abstractions such as thread pools and actors for multithreading and concurrency using the basic building blocks in the C++ Standard Library.

Mastering the basics of the C++ standard library support for multithreading and concurrency is just the first step. To simplify your code, while getting the best out of your hardware you need to use higher level abstractions. This workshop shows you how to build some of those, and the issues that arise.

This workshop will cover:

  • Thread pools and tasks
  • Actors
  • New facilities from future C++ Standards
  • Testing concurrent code
  • Designing for scalability
  • Atomic operations and lock-free code

See the full workshop details for more information.

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