FlagPoll Visitor Flag Tracker
Privacy Policy

Just Software Solutions Ltd takes your privacy seriously. We do not share your data with any third parties, and will not spam you.

Email Addresses

FlagPoll uses your email address as your login user name for managing your counters.

We do not share your email address with anyone else, and we will only use it for contacting you regarding your FlagPoll counters.

For example, if you forget your password, then we will send you an email to allow you to choose a new password.

IP Addresses

FlagPoll stores visitors' IP addresses in order to identify unique visitors, determine which country they are visiting from, and update the counters as appropriate.

We do not share this information with anyone else. It is used solely for identifying whether or not a visitor has been counted on a particular FlagPoll counter before.


FlagPoll uses cookies for two purposes: managing login sessions and identifying unique visitors.

Login sessions

The "flagpoll" cookie is used to track your login session, and determine whether or not you are logged in. It is required for you to manage your FlagPoll counters.

Deleting this cookie will log you out of FlagPoll. The cookie will be recreated next time you visit the FlagPoll website.

Visitor counting

The "jssfc_visitor" cookie is used to uniquely identify you as a visitor. This helps identify separate visitors with the same IP address, such as multiple people using the WiFi in a cafe. It also means that mobile devices do not cause multiple counts if they are used to access the same page from multiple WiFi hotspots.

We do not use the tracking data for any purposes other than updating the flag counters, nor do we share this data with anyone else.

Deleting this cookie may result in you being counted multiple times if you visit a page with a FlagPoll counter.