Just Software Solutions

Website Development

Whether you want a new website designed from the ground up, a new look on an existing website, or additional features such as a shopping cart, we can help. We can organise domain name registration and website hosting if required. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We can provide a design for content you have written, or we can collaborate with you to develop the content alongside the design — whatever works best for you. We can also work with you to optimize your content for search engines, and help you improve your ranking for relevant search terms.

Standards Compliance

Our understanding of the web standards, and how websites are displayed enables us to ensure that your website is accessible to all, whatever they use to view it — whether that's a conventional web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, or a screen reader for the visually-impaired.

See your site under development

We can develop your website from our office in West Cornwall, wherever you may be located. As the website evolves, we will update a demo site so you can see the impact of all changes as they are made. This means you can be sure of what you're getting, and that you'll get what you need.

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