Just Software Solutions

Software Development Consultancy Services

Improve your code, your software design or your development process with our consultancy services.

With expertise derived from over 20 years of developing software, we can advise you and your team on all aspects of software development, including:

  • Overall software design and architecture
  • API design
  • Managing multithreading and concurrency in your application
  • Use of modern C++ techniques
  • Data structure design
  • Unit testing
  • Bug fixing
  • Refactoring

We can also offer detailed code reviews of existing code, as well as work with you on developing new code — either self-contained libraries to be integrated into your application, or evolving your existing code directly.

We offer advice and code reviews via phone and email communication with our Technical Director, Anthony Williams, as well as site visits. We can do one-off consultations, as well as providing ongoing support over longer periods of time to assist you with complex issues.

We are happy to work with individuals as well as whole teams.

We also offer custom training. Contact us to see how we can help.

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